Thomas Arvid Biography

With his remarkable, bold paintings of wine, Thomas Arvid is quickly earning himself a national reputation as a rising star. His work is showcased in galleries across the country and has been seen in numerous publications, including a recent spread in Wine Spectator Magazine. His paintings are found in many prominent collections, and they are a particular favorite amongst wineries and vineyard owners who acknowledge Thomas as today's preeminent painter of wine.
But it's not just the wine lovers and makers who are taken with Thomas's work. With his original, refreshing approach to the still life, and the passion he brings to it, he has captured the collective imagination of wine collectors and art collectors alike. For perhaps the first time, these diverse markets have found a common bond with Thomas's images.
But why wine? Thomas explains it best himself—
"At first I focused on red. It's a universal color, the color of passion. So many of our cultural icons are red— Coca-Cola cans, Radio Flyer wagons, Campbell's Soup cans, Converse tennis shoes. I painted them all. And red wine. Little did I know when I created my first painting of red wine that it would become my passion. Wine is a work of art. Winemakers are truly artists, and the community amongst them is a creative, artistic community. They put the same passion into crafting wine that I put into the composition of a painting. The more you learn about wine, the more you realize there's really no bad wine. Just like art, wine means different things to different people."
Why wine? The answer is evident. Because Arvid is, in addition to a painter of wine, a lover of wine, and his passion for his subject and the good life it evokes is written as a symphony of oil on canvas.