Robert Cook Biography

Robert Cook was born in 1948 and is a self-taught artist. He has painted professionally since 1989.
Traditional landscapes as well as contemporary and figurative works are his subjects.

He uses acrylic and layered glazing on textured canvas to complete an old-world finish that most mistake for oils. His landscapes in particular have a calming effect on most people.
He paints "moods", late evening, early morning, impressions of melancholy or lonesomeness, "The feeling you get when fall comes and the shadows change."
When words can't be found to convey thoughts, emotions, dreams or desires art relays the message in a poetic and vivid form. Visual art can mentally transport us to a pastoral setting of peace and quiet, or it's abstract shapes with hard edges, jagged lines or circular forms, can open our mind's eye to the curiosity of self expression.
A canvas can silently scream out in pain or supplely hold our eyes in love and tenderness. Colors of pigment can sing out in joyful chatter, such as the glistening lucidity of impressionist form, or they can fall dull in depth to portray the ache of loneliness or solemnity.
Art means to us what it meant to the cave dwellers. Company. Inspiration. Expression.
Just as personalities bring uniqueness to a relationship, so do different styles of art.
Robert Cook's paintings are found in numerous private and corporate collections, both nationally and internationally. His work is also represented in prestigious galleries in the United States, Canada, and Europe.