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Ramon Pujol Biography

RAMON PUJOL — Ramon Pujol was born in Olot, Spain, in 1947. His early talent as a gifted artist was met with encouragement and clear acceptance by his family. As such, his first academic training was at the Escola de Belles Artes de Olot.

From this training, Pujol was granted the opportunity to study under the masterful teaching of Lluis Carbonell and later Gussinye.

Initially, Ramon Pujol insisted on the use of the palette knife. Gradually the palette knife gave way to the systematic use of brushes. With this change, his paintings began to reveal a deep understanding and interpretation of depth, light and atmosphere.

"Our Commonwealth is again fortunate to be able to host your work. Your Mediterranean seascape and town paintings are excellent examples of your talent. I appreciate your sharing your work with the citizens of Virginia." — Mark R. Warner, Governor of Virginia.