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Nicola De Benedictis Biography

Nicola De Benedictis was born in Bari, Italy in 1950.  His artistic career began in 1968 when he started to explore the multiple realms of the art world.  After a few years of self-teaching, he became a student of the painter Catani, and in 1970 his dream of becoming a professional painter took shape.

Following his studies with Catani, he enrolled in the Superior Course of Drawing at Fondazione Ratti and received his diploma in 1989.

De Benedictis dedicated several years to painting and showing his works in numerous competitions and fairs in which he caught the attention of art critics, and more importantly the public.  This popularity allowed him to begin his collaboration with art galleries, holding solo and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Today he lives with his wife and grown daughter who speaks English and works as an exporter of Italian food to the United States.  His studio is situated in the lowest level of his home in northern Italy.

De Benedictis favorite subjects are the romantic countrysides of Italy and France where he often depicts a distant village in the background.  His rolling hills are covered with wheat fields, vineyards, sunflowers or poppies and surrounded by olive, apricot, cyprus trees, or an occasional lake.  This is the picturesque countryside that captures the inner desires of De Benedictis and drives him to paint. From time to time he will paint a series of stillifes.

In his paintings he uses a mixed medium of acrylic paint, oil sticks, pastel and oil paint to give his paintings a modern touch to while preserving his traditional motifs.  Regardless of his subject, his palette is filled with warmth and inner excitement.