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Joseph Lorusso Biography

JOSEPH LORUSSO — Says Joseph Lorusso, "It has always been a dream to paint since my early days at art school; however, I've been drawing since I can remember."

Joseph Lorusso has chosen oil paint as the medium he most often uses because it gives him the ability to express himself however he chooses. He paints because it gives meaning to his life. There is always a point when he feels the need to express himself creatively.

Lorusso begins his pieces in his studio with drawn sketches and photos. His decision on what to paint is based on whatever inspires him or what he feels will express the best statement.

"Important friends, to master artists like Manet, Sargent, Whistler, and Degas have all influenced me," says Lorusso, " I'm inspired by moments I see that capture beauty in daily life, reflective moments caught in time." Lorusso looks for moments that are unique and very personal. Some may tell a story that many can relate to or some may have universal themes.

Joseph Lorusso was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1966 and received his formal training at the American Academy of Art. He went on to receive his B.F.A. degree from the Kansas City Art Institute. Born of Italian descent, Lorusso was exposed to art at an early age. Through several early trips to Italy, his parents introduced him to works of the Italian Masters. Lorusso would look to these influences throughout his early artistic development and they are still evident in his work today.

US Art Magazine has chosen Joseph Lorusso as one of the five artists to be "Artists of the Next Generation."