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Jim Buckels Biography

Jim Buckels was born June 9, 1948 in Iowa. When he was eighteen years old he won an art competition and received a full scholarship to the University of Northern Iowa. In 1968, however, he interrupted his studies to join the army and serve two years in Vietnam. When he returned from the war he continued his education and found work as an illustrator for a design firm. It wasn't long before Jim's artwork began to appear in nationally distributed publications and ad campaigns.

Jim Buckels artwork combines a bold use of color and line. Using an airbrush and acrylic paints he masterfully executes compositions with flat, rich colors and very fine detail.

His landscapes compel the viewer to move through shadows or secret passageways in distant lands and across purple hued skies, behind the verdant hills of a desolate New England farm. All embody the excitement of travel and adventure — the very spirit and essence of Jim Buckels.

In recent years Jim Buckels work has appeared in such notable publications as Time, Newsweek. Playboy and most recently on the cover of Yankee Magazine. His work is in many private collections in the United States.