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Fabienne Delacroix Biography

Fabienne Delacroix is a painter whose works are steeped in the poetry of another time. Like her father, the renowned artist Michel Delacroix, her quiet, lyrical canvases are windows on the past – that legendry era of memory and desire, when life was sweet and pleasures innocent and simple. She paints this simpler time with a nostalgia that seems surprising in one so young, until one remembers that the word nostalgia has its roots in an ancient Greek term meaning “to return home.”

Home for Fabienne Delacroix is the inspirational landscape of her beloved country, France. Her province is the harmony that reigned during the Belle Époque, that carefree period at the beginning of the century when people flocked to Deauville, Dinard, Nice and Monte Carlo to take country walks and bathe in the waters off their shores. This point of departure, amid the glorious natural beauty of the South of France, only further illuminates Fabienne Delacroix’s love of romance and extraordinary natural gifts as a painter.

However, natural gifts develop best with careful schooling and few painters have enjoyed the kind of intimate schooling like Fabienne Delacroix. Born in 1972, she is the third and youngest child of Michel Delacroix. To this day, she remembers the long afternoons of her childhood when she played away the hours in her father’s studio as he quietly worked away at his easel. By the age of ten, following her family’s return to France after a brief stay in the United States, she began to paint. Two years later, she showed her work for the first time at a gallery in Carmel, California, where it proved so popular that it sold out.

While she shares many of her father’s interests, she is very much an artist in her own right. Her style and choice of subjects are uniquely her own and her palette and management of color are marked by her own strong character. In fact, the mastery of her medium and her intuitive capacity to distill the essence of a land and seascape in her images have already established Fabienne Delacroix as a major new talent.