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B. Jung Biography

B. Jung possesses a universal style, defining him as one of the great classicists of the new century. Jung's fascination with texture and form is evident in his beautiful oil paintings. The subjects, charming street scenes, lush gardens and quaint villages are alluring, yet retain a sense of mystery and intrigue. The drama which occurs in his scenes is most apparent in his juxtaposition of light and shadows. His palette is distinctive in its rich and verdant hues, the light seeming to shimmer from the surface of the canvas.

B. Jung's poignant style suggest a narration in which the viewer is invited to create and personalize the story. Walk the cobblestone streets, feel the old stone walls, inhale just for one moment the perfume of the blossoms... The artist's vivid depiction of "Western Style" themes reflects his long - time passion for "Old-World" European tradition.

B. Jung is truly blessed with a secure grasp of the essence of classic western culture. At the same time, he possesses rare gift which has enabled him to transcend time and place, reaching out to a diverse audience. Jung has left his indelible impression on us all and we are eager to look to the next century through the eyes of this gifted artist.