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Anton Arkhipov Biography

“The figures in my work glow with vitality. They are full of life, love and abundance. I am painting the joyous universal soul of us all. My goal is to make people happy and to remind them that life is about joy.”  A. Arkhipov

Arkhipov was born into a family blessed by generations of artists. His father, a great influence on young Anton, was a well-known dissident artist. Anton grew up around the world of art and knew at an early age that it was his calling. Showing early talent and drive, he was able to enjoy the best education Russia had to offer. Through many years of intense schooling and rigorous training in all aspects of art, Arkhipov comes to us thoroughly free to speak with a high level language of creativity seldom seen.
During the early part of his life spent in the Soviet Union, Anton heard stories of freedom and dreamed of being an American. His dream came true and he now for many years has enjoyed an artistic freedom in America that he never takes for granted.
Anton’s own unique expression celebrates the joyousness of life as well as entices the eye with impeccable composition, masterful drawing, alluring texture and stunning color. Painting as a master who could paint anything in any style, his artistic voice speaks out in an approach all of his own. Freely choosing ones distinctive style, unlike any other artist, comes from an evolution only available to the highly trained, imaginative and sensitive artisan. When people ask what his work is like, an Arkhipov enthusiast will honestly say that “it is not like anyone else”. Anton Arkhipov is an original.